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Subaru Sambar Tire Pressure

Not so hard with today’s tools, and a little fun, translate Japanese to English. Review the tire pressure sticker on the edge of the driver side door and convert kgf/cm^2 to psi. Next use Google to translate Japanese to English.

English translation in PSI is:

 2 People+220 LB GardenLoad
Tire SizeFrontRear FrontRear
145R12-6PR LT25.631.3 31.342.7
135/95R12 79/77L LT25.631.3 31.342.7

Japanese Door Sticker

 Door sticker in Japanese

Japanese Translation

On the Mac using Preview, you can copy Japanese characters into the paste buffer and then paste them into Google Translate.

タイヤ空気圧Tire pressure
タイヤサイズTire size
庭積載Garden load
前輪Front wheel
後輪Rear wheel
注 意Note meaning
•空気圧は前後輪ともに上表により調Adjust the air pressure for both the front and rear wheels according to the table above
整して下さいPlease arrange
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