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Subaru Sambar Plugs, Filter & Oil

Just acquired a vehicle, let’s look at the spark plugs, air filter, oil and oil filter.

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The 1996 Subaru Sambar KS4

Spark Plug NGK BKR5E-11

This first spark plug comes highly recommended, but is more expensive than the 4-pack listed below.

I’ll buy this 4-pack and report back with a performance assessment.

Air Filter

I vacuumed the air chamber to remove leaves and small twigs. Next I carefully went over the filter with a soft tooth brush to remove as much dirt as possible without damaging the filter itself. Honestly it looks pretty good now, and the truck is running well, but I still want to install a new filter.

This is filter procurement number three. As before, I’ll report back when it comes in and is tested.

These filters did not fit:

  • WIX Filters - 46097 Air Filter Panel. It is the right width but too long.
  • Pentius PAB6867 UltraFLOW Air Filter for Ford Festiva (89-93). It was recommended, but it is too small, allowing air to flow around it.

Oil Filter 15208KA012

If you want the genuine article, this is it.

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