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We acquired a 27 year old Japanese delivery truck that had probably never seen wax it’s entire life. Most of these products we have used on our newer vehicles but the antique requires a special treatment. This post covers wax treatment for paint, chrome and plastic, a treatment for rubber around the windows and a rust remover.

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Which Wax Is Best? Put Them To The Test, The Car Detailing Channel

These videos demonstrate a good test process and are worth your time perhaps waiting in the dentist office, but if you are busy, skip to the products below.

Initial Application

8 Week Update

4 Month Review

Wax #1, Turtle Wax 53409 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating - 16 Fl Oz.

This one looks the best to me. I applied it to the entire Ford Transit, especially the large flat roof. This is likely the first wax every applied to our Subaru Sambar. At this price point, an inexpensive bottle will help protect your car for about two years. Easy decision, buy it.

Wax #2,Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Flex Wax, Graphene Spray Wax

This is also a great wax. Inexpensive, easy application, great product.

Wax #3, Ice Seal N Shine 16 oz Trigger Spray

This wax is also very good but a little more expensive. Still not a bad decision.

CRC Evapo-Rust, Heavy-Duty Rust Remover

Another great product from CRC. I find or make a container slightly larger than the object to de-rust. Submerse the objects in the rust remover for 1-4 hours. Remove, wipe with a rag and the rust is gone. Before reinstalling the parts I’ll either prime and paint the part, or at minimum apply a coating of lithium grease.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner

Wash the treatment area first with a mild (ph balanced) soap then apply the conditioner. I used a small foam brush but you can use a soft rag or sponge. Apply the conditioner, let it sit for 10 minutes, then wipe off. It may take a couple of applications.

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