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Subaru Sambar Fusebox Translation

For convenience, here is a translation from Japanese to English on the 1992-1998 Subaru Sambar Fusebox.

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Fusebox Japanese to English Translation

PosValueNameJapanese NameFed from
115Door Lock (Optional)(ドアロック)Main Fuse #2 (60A)
220Air Conditioner (Optional)(エアコン)Main Fuse #2 (60A)
315Turn Signals, Speedometerターンランプ メーターMain Fuse #2 Via Ignition
415EngineエンジンMain Fuse #2 Via Ignition
515Rear Defogger (Vans Only)(Rデフォッガー)Main Fuse #2 Via Ignition
615ECVT Relay (EFI/SC eCVT Only)(ECVT イグナイタ)Main Fuse #3 (30A)
715Engine Computer (EFI/SC Only)(EMPI)Main Fuse #3 (30A)
815Horn, Brake Lightsホーン ストップMain Fuse #1 (30 or 40A)
910Tail LampテールランプMain Fuse #1 (30 or 40A)
1010Headlamp Lヘッドランプ (L)Main Fuse #1 (30 or 40A)
1110Headlamp Rヘッドランプ (R)Main Fuse #1 (30 or 40A)
1210Engine Fan (SC Only)(エンジン ファン)Main Fuse #2 (60A)
1315Room Lamp/Hazard Flashersルームランプ ハザードMain Fuse #2 (60A)
1420Radiator Fan, Rear Heater (Opt)ラジエータ ファン (Rヒーター)Main Fuse #2 (60A)
1515RadioラジオMain Fuse #2 Via Accessory
1615WiperワイパーMain Fuse #2 Via Accessory
1720Front HeaterFヒーターMain Fuse #2 Via Accessory

Fusebox Image

Subaru Sambar Fusebox
Subaru Sambar 1992-1998 Fusebox

Assorted fuses, fuse holders and removal tool

This is the kit I bought.


Credit Robert Krenicki, MiniTruckTalk: Google Docs

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