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2003 Sea-doo Sportster Ski Mirror

This project adds a removable large ski mirror to the 2003 Sea-doo Sportster. I recently acquired a 2003 Sea-Doo Sportster. After a few repairs, it is time for a few upgrades.

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It is a shame these boats don’t come with a review mirror or two. There is a ski pylon and the boat is intended for water sports, but no mirrors. There is no speed-control either, add the responsibility to see other boats and swimmers, and the driver is just crazy busy.

My first attempt went straight to Amazon to buy dual small side mirrors. What were they thinking, the mirrors did not have adjustments, and were tiny. You could sort of find someone behind you in a small spot if the driver put their head in just the right spot. For a the wakeboarder going side to side, outside the wake, the driver has no chance to know what is going on.

A friend had given me a clamp on ski mirror some time back. The bracket I had in mind would not be near as cool looking as the small sporty mirrors, but way more functional!

Mirror stand side
The mirror is rock solid, and needed to be, to hold up going over wakes and carving out turns.

Mirror stand dimensions

Basic steps:

  1. The painful part was drilling four 1/4” holes to hold the two wooden blocks. The holes could be filled, sanded and painted over if the bracket would not be finding use. I mounted the blocks off the the side of the hatch release button but it can also be mounted dead center, just behind the button.
  2. The blocks are cut to size, sanded and painted black.
  3. Aluminum flat bar is cut to length, 2 x 10” for the vertical bars and 2 x 16” for the angle bars. Flat bars are 1/2” wide by 1/8” thick.
  4. 1/4” holes are drilled in each end, nice and symmetrical, 1/4” from the end and 1/4” from each side.
  5. Note that the vertical bars have an extra set of 1/4” holes that keep that block from spinning, and also attach to the angle bars.
  6. Finally, it is all about the fasteners. Stainless steel if you can find them, zinc if you must. I went with wing-nuts making it easy to take off and stow when not in use.
  7. Clamp on a nice sized mirror and you are good to go.

This is not the mirror my friend gave me but very close to what I have.

Mirror stand front

The Final Product, Sea-doo Sportster Ski Mirror

Here is the view from the driver.

  1. The driver can see through the bracket with a clear view of all the water in front of the boat.
  2. The driver has a clear and wide view behind the boat. The mirror is place high enough to look over the drivers head and bimini. When I mounted the mirror directly to the mounting block, my big-head was in the way of seeing the skier and also, not shown here, the bimini was also blocking the view.

Mirror on stand A great view of the water with this elevated mirror stand.

That is it for now, have fun out on the water!

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