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2003 Sea-Doo Sportster Log

New to me, I’ve got a 2003 Sea-Doo Sportster 4-tec. These are fun little boats, although some specific Sportster parts are difficult to find, i.e., electronics, the 4-tec is still popular today and used in many jet skis and boats.

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June 7 - Ripping Around, Some Smoke, Radiator Fluid

Checking the radiator fluid, it had dropped about an inch in the tank. I figured there must have been air in the system and the fluid had filled the void. The oil level is great and the oil looks like new, i.e., no milky oil.

Then there is the white smoke business. Is it oil based smoke? or water vapor? Is the radiator fluid getting atomized into smoke?

We used an Android GPS Speed app, 41 MPH!

The speedometer is not very accurate, however smartphone GPS is accurate. I can’t recommend any apps yet. I tried the first two apps in Google Play and they are both nearly unusable. They practically lock you into being redirected to Facebook Games. Both apps are gone and good riddance!

When I find a good app, I’ll report back.

June 5 - New Spark Plugs, Dry Gas

Based on advice from Raphael of Raphael’s Marine Service,

  1. I replaced the plugs
  2. I put in dry gas

In the water it was a different boat. It started and ran much smoother than before. I drove conservatively for the first 10 minutes, letting everything warm up. I started hitting it harder and the dreaded check-engine light came on. We paused with the engine off for a couple of minutes, and then resumed our cruising. I picked a nice medium speed, 25mph, and just put time on the motor, and the warning light remained off.

This fuel pressure regulator was recommended to me, although I have not tested it yet.

June 4 - First Water Test

We took it out for a test run yesterday. It started up, and ran rough at first but smoothed out somewhat over time. There was a little white smoke at first but that stopped after the first couple of minutes.

After about 20 minutes the check engine light came on, not sure why. I stopped, waited a minute, started again and the warning went away.

We were going about 35 mph at about half throttle. It does not get on a plane very fast, 5-6 seconds? The wear ring was replaced I am told. The oil is no longer milky! And the coolant level was good, not leaking.

Now I am thinking:

  1. Inspect spark plugs
  2. Put dry gas/sea foam in the tank

After that:

  1. Compression test?
  2. Test injectors?

Hopefully, this will do the trick. Other suggestions?

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