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Epic Starship Launch via Coolpix P1000

At about 35 seconds the roar of the engines hit us, shaking the entire 4 story Margaritaville parking garage, along with my tripod. I did what I could but I had difficulty with control at this extreme zoom. My training did not include Loop de Loop. Just the same, we can’t get enough video of this epic event.

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Starship launch from 6 miles away, atop a shaking 4 story parking garage

Launch tower expelling gas 5 miles away

This is what the P1000 viewfinder looks like 5 miles away

Mega bay from about 5 miles away

The quick disconnect from 450 feet

Starship Stage Zero

Starship Heat Tiles

Starship stainless steel

Where to buy the Coolpix P1000

Extended QR Plate for better balance

This QR plate is 120 mm making for a better balance on the tripod head.

Carbon Fiber Tripod with Monopod

This is a full size durable and lightweight tripod.

Geared Tripod Head

This is essential for controlling the P1000 super zoom. Elevation is limited to 15 degrees in the standard configuration. I turn it around backwards to shoot elevations as high as 90 degrees.

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