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Google FI Hotspot Using T-Mobile Quanta Model D53

If you want inexpensive 5G Internet, this is not a bad way to go. First of all, it is 5G with the potential to be very fast. Our testing under less than ideal conditions gave us 27 Mbit/s download and 4.5 Mbit/s upload speed. The best part is, it works, and the second best part is it’s affordable. OK, one more accolade, it has 1 button, it is easy to use.

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quanta-d53-profile|664x500, 75% It is the size of a cell phone, perhaps a little thicker.

quanta-d53-side|664x500, 75% Simple to use, there is a power button and type-c USB for charging.

The sim-card slot is on the opposite side. The battery is 6460mAh, this should get most users through an entire day.

Hotspot for Google FI

We use Google FI, but the device ships for T-Mobile. When changing the default APN profile from T-Mobile to Google FI, the performance went up by 4X. Yes, the test is a tiny sample size, but that is what we got.

APN Settings

Default APNfast.t-mobile.com
Google FI APNh2g2

Quanta Model D53 User Manual & More Info

Quanta Model D53 User Manual

More info here, and here.

Where to buy

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