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Electronic Cabinet Components

We have personally evaluated each of these components for quality, value, and ease of maintenance, i.e., we have spent our own money to buy and maintain them. This document provides the part numbers and how to buy for each component. A complete writeup on the electrical cabinet is provided here.

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1. AC breaker box

The combination of the breaker box and breakers work well. They are small, right-sized and effective. Two AC lines run up each side of the RV, and one powers the rear section.

2. Hot water relay

This relay switches the hot water heater on and off. The hot water tank operates from 110 volts A/C and the on/off switches are 12 volts.

3. Solar disconnect

You generally want a disconnect, fuse or breaker on every component.

4. Solar MPPT

While driving there are major fluctuations in power generation and this MMPT responds quickly. It is well matched with the six 100 watt solar panels on the roof. The panels are wired three in series, and two series in parallel.

5. Solar Bluetooth dongle

This dongle communicates with the Victron app, showing current and historical solar power collection.

6. Subwoofer amp

We gave this amp a through test on the bench and it passed with flying colors. It pushed nice volume through a variety of speakers and did not get too hot.

7. Stereo receiver / amp

I have also used the Boss Marine unit, it is more powerful than the Jenson.

[# 8. 12 Volt fuse box #2 This set of fuses cover many devices on the right side of the van plus electrical cabinet devices such as the stereo and subwoofer.

9. 12 Volt fuse box #1

This fuse box covers most of the devices running up the left side of the van.

10. Fan thermostat controller

These thermostats are crazy-inexpensive and work great. There is no reason not to use them in temperature sensitive zones. This one kicks on when the electrical cabinet gets warm, circulating air with the main cabin.

11. B2B output breaker

12. B2B 60 amp charger

These B2B chargers work well and fit within our budget. We enable it on demand from the upfitter switches on the dash.

13. 3000 watt inverter / charger

This box does everything, from carefully charging the batteries to providing 3000 watts of 110 volts AC. Through the app you can tell it how much current to draw from shore power. If I have a long and thin extension cord I can set it at 10 amps or less. It does much more.

14. LED maintenance light

15. B2B input fuse, 100 amp

16. Ford battery +12 breaker, 50 amp

It is only connected to the Smart Shunt, showing Ford battery status in the smartphone app. In the future it may do more. The Ford Transit has dual alternators and dual batteries.

17. - Negative bus bar

18. + Positive bus bar

19. Battery bank bluetooth shunt

20. 110 Outlet

21. 12 Volt outlet

22. Battery disconnect

23. Upfitter switches +12 volts

There are two upfitter switches currently unused, 10 gauge wire. These will probably used for exterior lighting in the future.

24. A/C breaker, 100 amp

25. Surge protector

This is an excellent device, I wrote about it here.

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