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Tablesaw for Woodworking

DEWALT Portable Table Saw with Rolling/Collapasable Stand

The DeWalt 7491 saws are really nice, I have two.

  1. One saw is fitted with a fine tooth finish blade.
  2. The second saw has a 1/4” Dado Blade.

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With this saw, you can be accurate plus get things done quickly and safely. A drawer requires more than 20 cuts to execute the 1/4 1/4 1/4 system, and each cut takes time. My RV has 17 custom drawers, and these are just the drawers. Be accurate, be precise, but be quick and be safe.

Even though I don’t use it on the job site, my shop is rather small and I move these saws around or put them on end to get them out of the way when not in use.

  • The tools for changing and servicing the blade are built into the saws
  • The exaust dust port is a standard 2”, nice for dust collection
  • Setting the fence is fast and accurate, well done DEWAULT!

10” Table Saw Blades

Your new saw will come with a cross cut blade, which is great for cross-cutting construction materials. For cutting Baltic Birch and other finish quality materials you want a blade more more teeth, this one has 60. This prevents the blow-out jagged edges.

If you like the results with 60 teeth, this 80 tooth blade is the ultimate.

Dado Throat Plate With Machined Slot

This throat plate has a larger slot to make room for the Dado blade. I like this one and the next one, a completely blank throat plate that you can cut a blade through.

Blank Dado Throat Plate

This zero clearance throat plate is perfect for smaller parts and accurate cuts.

  1. Lower the blade to below the tabletop
  2. Put throat plate in place and adjust the height to align with your saws tabletop
  3. Adjust the fence to help hold the throat plate down
  4. Slowly raise the blade, cutting a perfect slot in the throat plate

Saw Blade Cleaning Kit

After all this time and expense to buy quality wood and make precision cuts, it bothers me to see burnt edges. What happens is that over time a saw blade accumulates sap. This sap is sticky and generates heat when cutting. Not only does this leaves burn marks but the resistance on the wood while cutting slows down your cuts and also costs you accuracy.

This is the complete kit.

Just the spray solvent.

Keep Your Table Saw Cuts Smooth, Accurate and Easy

Remember when your tablesaw was new and felt so smooth? Show your tablesaw some love, and wax the table and fence. Keep this stuff handy and it only takes a minute once per week to have a happy and smooth operating saw.

When possible, I go with the smaller, artisan providers.

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