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Here are my experiments and demos of the Google Pixel 6.

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Falcon Heavy with Hughes JUPITER 3 Payload

The SpaceX video was running in the background, while I shot video with the Google Pixel 6, the Pixel 6 picked up the SpaceX audio perfectly. Launch Pad 39A is was about 50 miles due East from this location.

Nighttime Video, Fireworks!

This first video was shot with the Google Pixel 6 front facing camera using default settings.

Here is a longer video shot a little while later, also with the Pixel 6.

The performance of this smartphone is impressive, likely as good as it can get. Even though the camera is handheld, the image stability is comparable to that of a tripod-mounted camera. The exposure is perfectly balanced, and the colors accurately reflect what our eyes would see. However, assessing the technical parameters, the 8-bit color depth might limit the color fidelity. The frame rate is decent at 29.95 FPS for this demonstration, but it isn’t adequate for fluid slow-motion videos. These are just the standard settings of the device.

Dimensions:2160 x 3840
Color profile:HD (1-1-1)
Bit depth:8-bit
Encoded FPS:29.95
Data Rate:43.46 Mbits/s
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Audio channels:Stero (L R)
Audio Data Rate:191.98 kbit/s

Daytime Video

One final video with the Google Pixel 6.

All and all both devices performed well for what was asked. With time and more experience, the results will only get better. Please leave any comments or suggestions and I will give it a try.

Where to buy the Google Pixel 6

This renewed Pixel 6 will work nicely with Google Fi.

Pixel 6 Wireless Charger Stand

For me the first thing to fail on a camera, after a year or two is the cable connector. For this phone I decided to try wireless charging. I bought three of these. One I modified for the RV, one for my desk and the last next to my bed.

Pixel 6 Case

Google Pixel 6 Photo/Video References

  1. Google’s Official Pixel 6 Page: This is the official site for the Google Pixel 6, where you can find detailed specifications, user guides, and assistance. The site will also offer tips and techniques for taking great photos and videos using the device’s camera.

  2. Android Authority’s Google Pixel 6 Page: Android Authority provides comprehensive reviews and insights on Android devices. They offer professional reviews, community discussions, and hands-on videos, making it a great resource for Pixel 6 photography and video tips.

  3. DPReview’s Google Pixel 6 Page: Digital Photography Review (DPReview) is a respected source for reviews and technical information about cameras, including smartphone cameras like the one in the Pixel 6. They provide expert reviews and sample photos and videos.

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