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How To Make Butcher Block Conditioner

Maker Matt provides a cost-effective DIY method to create your own butcher block conditioner. The guide offers step-by-step instructions, including the necessary products, the process, and a cost comparison to store-bought alternatives.

If you’re a heavy user of butcher block conditioner, particularly for making cutting boards or outdoor furniture, this DIY project can save you money and reduce waste. Besides maintaining wood-ware, I also use it to clean and refresh all my wooden tables, even those with varnish or epoxy finishes.

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Make Butcher Block Conditioner for 1/3 the cost Make Butcher Block Conditioner for 1/3 the cost


  • 4 * 16 oz food grade mineral oil
  • 1 pound bees wax


  1. Make a work area that can handle a small mess.
  2. Put a liner in a slow cooker.
  3. Add 4 * 16 oz bottles mineral oil
  4. Heat on high for 30 minutes
  5. Add wax, wait a bit, mix

Cost to make versus buy

Mineral oil, 4 * 16 oz$2.08$8.32
Wax, 1 @ 1 lb$11.99$11.99

Total cost was $20.31 for about 68 oz of product. This comes down to $0.30 per oz. Contrast this with $8.98 for 12 oz Howard Butcher Block Conditioner from Amazon and this works out to $0.75 per oz. If we had to purchase jars or tins it would have cost more, we just used canning jars that were laying around.

Products you will need

Best place I found for this was Walmart. You will need 4 * 16 oz bottles for this recipe.
Mineral Oil

And one of these:

Too much hassle, just buy the stuff

Ultimate guide to making & using wax polish for woodworking

Why you should not use mineral oil

Provided for completeness, I’m a fan of mineral oil!

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