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What was intended as an on-demand podcast, shows potential to be so much more, an entirely AI driven news site.

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I get it that some or even most of these stories are written by humans and that is great, but how about the ability for an AI to summarize 50 technical new stories, remove redundant information, while formatting the output for both synthetic voice and Markdown.

This happens to be about financial markets but the topic can be absolutely anything on the Internet. As a business model, for a small subscription, a user can indicate the kind of stories they are interested and even blacklist stories they are not interested in, and/or organizations, and/or writers they are or are/not interested in. On the fly they can have their own fully custom news site. Why not conditional stories?, only include news about Apple when the stock changes value by > 3%.

First here is the report and then below I’ll walk through the prompts that made this happen.

As of Wednesday March 27, here is a look at YakYak Tech Investor News.

Episode #2024: Navigating Volatile Markets Welcome to today’s podcast. Let’s look at the current stock market environment news that could affect your portfolio.

Apple’s ‘Walled Garden’ Defense

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in focus as it defends its ‘Walled Garden’ against regulatory pushback, with ex-CMO Phil Schiller at the helm. The move is arousing a Somewhat-Bullish sentiment around the stock. However, even as the iPhone maker introduces a ‘custom routes’ feature in iOS 18, Apple is reeling from the largest single-session drop in over 7 months due to a DOJ lawsuit. And with reports of a 30% drop in iPhone sales in China, investors may want to proceed with caution. Former critics, however, suggest this could be a good time to buy Apple. The company has been making news with its planned ‘Smart Ring’ and rumoured new iPhone 16 Pro colors, though not without facing further legal scrutiny over alleged monopoly practices.

Tech Giants on the Move

The overall market outlook swings between Nvidia’s insider selling woes and Duolingo’s potential growth opportunities. Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta Platforms have been performing well, suggesting the potential for further growth. Investors should also pay close attention to the iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF and another in the Formula 1 industry. Despite some recent turbulence, Tesla’s drama and fluctuating stock prices continue to create ripples in the stock market.

Industry Updates

While sentiment around Apple changes quickly, Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2024, is likely to focus on Generative AI, which could pique investor interest. Also, Apple’s patent for a “Smart Ring” is an interesting development to watch out for. In the tech space, Alphabet upgrades its Chromebook offerings with a new ‘Privacy control’ feature. Meanwhile, iOS 18 brings promises of a home-screen redesign alongside AI enhancements.

On the market trends front, U.S. stocks experienced a slight dip as investors wait for inflation data to grasp the Federal Reserve’s forthcoming actions. On a brighter note, Dow Jones futures rose marginally, indicating a quiet Tuesday. Also noteworthy is the reported 27.5% CAGR growth expected in the Europe podcast market from 2023 to 2027.

Dividend Stocks and Investors Sentiment

Investing in dividend stocks is making news, potentially offering investors $1,000 in passive income yearly. Suitable for long-term growth, stocks like AAPL and WMT offer an interesting prospect. Meanwhile, tech industry focus on AI development and industry comparison might prove crucial for informed investment decisions. However, investors should heed the somewhat bullish sentiment and stay informed about regulatory concerns.

Final Notes

As we end today’s round-up, the market presents a mixed bag. With the recent dynamics shift and speculative stocks gaining ground, attention towards traditional giants like Apple and Amazon may be diverted. Yet, these tech firms have seen gains, while pharmaceutical companies bear losses owing to regulatory issues. Amidst all this, the China endeavors by Apple’s Tim Cook look promising. As investors continue to weigh corporate earnings reports and economic data, vigilance will be key.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates on stock market trends, useful financial insights, and investment strategies. Remember, every investment decision should be informed and meaningful. See you next time.

YakYak Tech Investor News is produced every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, see you next time.

Prompt Engineering

This is the second of two prompts, the first will be covered in another post. The statements up front are what the AI will focus on the most. Given it is self-explanatory, I’ll leave you with the prompt and see you again in a future post.

 chatgpt_prompt = \
 ("You are the publisher of an online financial podcast.  "
 f"Integrate and optimize the group of {n_batch} sub-stories into a podcast that will be both "
 f"spoken and also displayed as Markdown Language. "
 "Ensure there's a clear separation between news stories. Aim for concise, coherent "
 "paragraphs that capture the key points of each topic in the article."
 "Remove any duplicate information. "
 "The idea is to convey a report that a stock investor would be interested in, "
 "and that might lead the stock investor to investigate further. "
 "Information that is very predictable is not useful and should not be included, "
 "however information that is unique and unexpected and/or a breakthrough is useful. "
 "A person reading this report should be able to get through it in about 5 minutes."
 "Format percentages to one decimal point. "
 "Try to use round figures and time periods, such as 'over the last 4 months'. "
 f"For brevity, limit the report to {REPORT_LEN_CHARS} characters: ")
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